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Is it safe to commute with strangers?

We operate on the philosophy that no-one should be a stranger on The Daily Commute. Our Commuters come from Corporate and Government Organisations who join with their work email addresses.  Existing Commuters may invite select family, friends and work colleagues to join.  The Daily Commute Match profile contains
 1. An anonymous screenname
 2. Gender
 3. Age group
 4. Car License Plate number
 5. Corporate User (if applicable)
 6. Invited by Existing User (if Applicable)
The Daily Commute allows you to become acquainted with your prospective commuter before sharing a ride through an anonymous, message centre.

The Daily Commute allows you to block users that you make you uncomfortable. A feedback system allows you to report any problems to us. In extreme cases we can block users from the site altogether.

When you have made arrangements to share with someone, we encourage you to make that person your "Commuting Buddy" and to ensure that the other person also does the same.

What happens if my ride can’t make it?

Commute with someone else. The site is designed to help you find a commute at short notice as the numbers of commuters increases. Initially however, have a backup plan like public transport. Have multi-trip tickets handy for this purpose.

Please advise your fellow commuters if you can’t make it, as soon as possible. If somebody is unreasonably tardy, please provide appropriate feedback and stop commuting with them.

How do I contact prospective rides ?

Communicate instantly and anonymously with other commuters through text messages and receive replies instantly on your own mobile phone.

 How does the Daily Commute compare with other modes of travel like Public Transport?
The Daily Commute aims to become a viable travel option. Eventually it hopes to be easier, more reliable and safer to use than Public Transport.

As a female, I am not comfortable commuting with guys

People registering with The Daily Commute are required to register their gender. Feel free to contact only women and ignore any males who may contact you. You may also specify such preferences with your listing.

I don t want to share with smokers, people with dirty cars etc

The Daily Commute allows you to specify any specific requirements you might have from your fellow commuters as part of your profile. You should ask appropriate questions to ensure that a prospective commute meets your requirement.